High-principled fund focused on helping your succession

Lionfield Capital’s mission is to acquire outstanding American businesses and build upon their owner’s legacy and continue providing its existing employees with opportunities to prosper.

Our covenant with you is to offer a professional, pain-free, and expedient selling process.

Our fund is backed by high-caliber institutional investors and highly successful executives, and is managed by values-based leaders with a history of overcoming challenges through hard-work, resilience, initiative, collaboration and our signature principles.

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Lionfield Acquires Mudshare

Lionfield Capital is pleased to announce the acquisition of Mudshare, a leading Civictech company powering enhanced deliverability and compliance of marketing communications.

Founded in 2014 by David Cerrone, the company became a trailblazing Civictech communications software platform that facilitates engagement, fundraising and awareness through its unique SwaS model (Software with a Service).

Mudshare is expected to open its new headquarters in Miami, FL to benefit from the dynamic and business-friendly tech ecosystem. The company intends to retain all employees and collaborators post-transaction to catalyze growth and focus on product and market expansion.

To read the press release, please visit: PR Newswire: Lionfield Capital completes acquisition of Mudshare

Our Focus

We believe value is best unlocked through focus. We carefully select acquisition opportunities prioritizing quality over quantity. Partnering with your company is our main priority.

We focus on companies facing situations where Lionfield can add real value. These situations include:

  • Owner(s) looking to retire or facing personal or life events (e.g. health, financial, liquidity needs)
  • Companies in need of management


We seek U.S. based companies that present several of the following characteristics:

  • Profitable
  • A high degree of recurrent or predictable revenue (+US$1MM in total Revenue)
  • Fragmented and loyal customer base (it’s okay to have a little concentration)


Lionfield is a situation-specific fund (see above). To be clear, we do avoid industries where the business model is predominantly B2C or project-based. 

Our Process

Seamless, Expedient, Pain-Free, Fair, and Professional

1. Introduction

Get to know each other. Sign a non-disclosure agreement. Explore ownership, vision, goals and preliminary terms.

2. Discovery

Submit initial offer. Understand the past of your business and visualize its future.

3. Diligence

After agreeing on a letter of intent (offer), expediently review finance, legal, operations, and transition plan to ensure the business remains intact.

4. Closing

Finalize legal documentation. Complete wires.Enjoy your next chapter.



Integrity is everything – A values-based culture permeates to employees, customers, suppliers and the community. We believe that -more often than not- conducting business ethically is far more profitable than the alternative.


Leaders eat last. Employees come first. We prefer to roll up our sleeves and lead by example with empathy.


Our mission is to build upon what you have created and bring your business to the next level.


Strong family values represent the foundations of our character. All of us at Lionfield value the importance of family and keenly understand the role it plays in your own organization and our extended community.


Nothing has been handed to us on a silver plate. Our inner drive, faith, and resilience have shaped us over the decades, and we aspire to instill this in our daily leadership display and in business.


We trust in a Higher being and are often grateful for God’s influence in our personal lives and professional careers. We are not fanatics, but we are humbled by how much God gives us when we put Him first.

The Team

Lionfield is comprised of committed entrepreneurs supported by a highly dedicated team and backed by a world-class group of seasoned investors, with a successful track record of acquiring and growing companies.

Our team value-add does not come from providing “management oversight” – Lionfield respects and conserves the cultures of the businesses it acquires and adds value through active management.

Operating Team

Gabriel Nemeth

Summer Associate

Advisory Board / Select Investors

Select Deals from our Investor Group

Lionfield investors have acquired and grown businesses in every state and sector. Lionfield has a flexible mandate to acquire businesses according to our criteria. Please reach out to explore if we are a fit.

Survey Software – New York, NY


Security & Investigations – Hanover, MD


Messaging Software – Mexico City, Mexico


Nonprofit Software – Mt. Pleasant, SC


B2B Training Solutions – Mill Valley, CA


Sales/Marketing SaaS – San Francisco, CA


Software/Technology – Phoenix, AZ


Nonprofit Software – Dallas, TX


Advertising Services – New York, NY


Logistics/Supply Chain – Minneapolis, MN

For Owners

Our team has curated a thoughtful variety of resources to help Owners navigate the hard decision to sell a business. Please visit this link for a complete guide.
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Want to connect with us?

We ❤︎ small business

I bring over 10 years of experience in investment banking advising leaders of large multinationals and small family-owned companies on designing and executing growth strategies, primarily through mergers and acquisitions.

I plan to apply my skillset to grow a small-medium business by driving revenue and identifying opportunities to expand to new markets, while Rodrigo will focus on solidifying operations and managing growth.

As a proud immigrant American I have been blessed with the opportunity to build a professional career in this extraordinary country where hard work pays off. However, as much as I value grit and perseverance, I value humility and integrity even more. In striking difference to my role as an investment banker, I previously served as a permanent missionary (1-year) and volunteered and lived (5-months) at a center for orphaned and victimized infants. These experiences shaped my life and the way I conduct myself personally and professionally. I strive to always lead with integrity and empower others to be successful.

Through my work in investment banking, I’ve advised large multinational companies such as Tyco, Airxcel, Coca-Cola Bottlers, and Cemex across a variety of industries ranging from healthcare, to mining, to security, to salty snacks. Working with CEOs, CFOs and Corporate Development VPs on incredibly complex situations has given me exposure into innovative solutions for a wide breath of business challenges, as well as a perspective into common pitfalls to avoid.

Although working with sophisticated executives at multinationals was incredibly educational, I was most inspired when I worked for the self-made families and founders who managed ‘tiny-but-mighty’ enterprises. I am often impressed by the transformational impact these companies have on local communities, as well as the personal impact on its employees. Working with many family owners through successions and transitions as they retire into their golden years, I deeply understand the importance of continuing the owner’s legacy by building upon company strengths and for caring for employees in the long-run.

I launched Lionfield driven by a strong desire of ‘being in the movie, not just watching the movie’ and knowing that I could have a greater impact on this world by managing and growing a small-medium enterprise than being an investment banker. I seek to inspire and lead others by example, and aspire to bring my talents and my character to a business where I can add-value.

I have a two-year old son, a 4-month old daughter, and a rockstar wife who keeps me on my toes. I recently relocated from Washington, D.C. to Key Biscayne, FL to launch Lionfield Capital with Rodrigo and have genuinely enjoyed the community, weather and the activities it offers. I used to swim competitively, and still enjoy swimming, running, reading (history, biographies, fiction, and religion), playing the guitar and grilling/socializing with friends and family.

I have over 10 years of experience developing strategy, leading high impact teams and managing rapid growth during most of my career. My goal is to build on top of a stable platform business to solidify its operational and administrative functions so they can serve as the foundation for us to accelerate top line revenue growth and scale the business profitably for the long term.

My journey as an immigrant American has always been about personal development, accountability, and responsibility. Growing up, my family worked very hard to provide my siblings and I the privilege of a great education with the believe that we could use it to craft our own paths later in life. With love and affection and through their own entrepreneurial journeys they instilled in us strong values of grit, honesty, and kindness. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and after emigrating to Europe at the age of 16, I eventually made my way to Boston and went on to graduate from Bentley University.

The investment in my education started paying off after graduating from Bentley and I took a job in business development. I quickly realized that I had a talent for understanding numbers, thinking strategically, and improving processes. After some internal maneuvering I found my way to a corporate finance position at the company, eventually boosting my career into a leadership role within the company, a distributor of high-tech medical devices. In this time, I was exposed to great mentors and understood the mechanisms and intricacies of running a small family business through different business cycles. I enjoyed creating and improving internal processes, setting strategy, and managing teams, this allowed me to continue developing my skills to becoming a better leader and more efficient operator.

While my corporate experience was candidly enriching and I am grateful for my achievements, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and chart my own path. After a ton of reflection, I decided to sharpen my skills and broaden my network by pursuing an MBA at Northwestern Kellogg with the intention to transition into an entrepreneurial role that would give me the opportunity to make improvements, set culture and implement strategy after graduation.

I started Lionfield Capital with Adan because we both know we are the best succession plan for an owner-operator looking to transition out of his business. We have the skills, support, and grit to build on top of a great company in a manner consistent with its founder’s values and generate outstanding results for its employees, our investors and our families. As we embark on our search, we are confident that our approach will resonate well with business owners that not only care about getting a fair price but also have a deep appreciation for the people that will be stewarding their legacy and manage the next chapter for their business.

I have an active daughter and loving wife, both named Alexandra. We currently live in Key Biscayne, FL where we enjoy going to the beach, the parks and other phenomenal attractions South Florida has to offer for young children. I have a private pilot’s license and love flying but can hardly find the time to do it. When I find the time and weather permits, I like kitesurfing, playing tennis and golfing as well as spending time with extended family and friends.

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Gabriel Nemeth

Summer Associate

Gabriel is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Finance before pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics from Hult International Business School in Boston. Prior to Hult, Gabriel received his Bachelors of Science cum laude from Penn State University with a major in Economics, where he also represented the school as a member of the Varsity Men’s Tennis Team. As a student athlete, Gabriel was ranked #1 in the NCAA Division 1 national doubles rankings. Gabriel also worked in a Private Equity firm in the summer of 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.